1 dead, 2 shot – including retired police captain in Oakland robbery attempt

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One of the shooting attackers was dead while two others – retired Oakland police captain and ex-Ceasefire head Ersie Joyner – were left with serious injuries during an alleged robbery try on Thursday afternoon.

The retired top cop was seen at an Oakland gas station located at Castro street’s 1700 block, where bullet shells scattered around.

Joyner was immediately brought to Highland Hospital. He underwent medical surgery but his status is not yet divulged.

The Chronicle secured security camera footage on the incident, showing the retired police captain pumping gas at around 1 in the afternoon. Three people approached him in a seeming robbery try.

The retired police obtained his handgun shortly into the encounter. He launched multiple shots against the criminals as they seemed to do the robbery.

The footage showed one of the assailants dropped near the gas pump and remained still.

A screen grab taken from video shows the alleged attempted robbery of retired Oakland police captain and former Ceasefire head Ersie Joyner at an Oakland gas station.

Joyner, on the other hand, made his way around the gas pump as the other attackers tried to flee using a dark-colored sedan.

The retired police suffered wounds but managed to hide behind the pump. One of the attackers tried to retrieve their fallen member but failed, so he also escaped.

Joyner was not directly named by Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong in a talk to reporters. He, however, said the victim was a former police officer and that a black sedan is now wanted by law enforcers.

According to him, the injured victim is in a critical situation, but is now stable and “fighting for his life.”

No arrests linked to the crime have been made yet. Armstrong said that the retired police officer was  “lawfully permitted to carry a gun.” “This highlights the violence that we’ve seen in the city this entire year,” he said. “We’ve seen so many tragic situations.”