Seems like we’re in for the winter. The rain and snowfall from last weekend will be followed by a strong likelihood for rain and snow on Friday and Saturday.  

This storm will move in late Thursday night, with some areas possibly getting an overnight or early morning light shower. The main storm will be from noon to about 9 p.m. Friday with rain. In the Sierra regions, residents should expect snow before sunrise Friday that will end early Saturday.

Sacramento can expect about 0.10-25″ of rain. This is the most the area will have had since May of this year.

Areas south of Sacramento will see much less rain.

For higher elevations, snow is expected to fall to about 4,000 feet – 6,000 feet. Mid-elevations will expect about 0.25-0.50″ of rain. 

We could see 4-6″ inches of snow for I-80 at Donner Pass. Chain controls will be needed.

Projected snow totals for this weekend:

  • Lassen: 8-12″
  • Donner: 4-6″
  • Echo: 1-2″
  • Carson/Ebbett: 3-6″
  • Sonora: 2-3″