11 Santa Rosa thieves fooled by bait bike

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Due to bicycle thefts in Santa Rosa, police planted a “bait bike” downtown and arrested anyone who decided to steal it. 

Eleven alleged thieves were arrested by the Santa Rosa Police Department Property Crimes Investigations Team.

“This 3-day proactive operation involved officers surveilling a bicycle left unattended as ‘bait’ and contacting anyone deciding to take the bicycle. SRPD PCI specifically focused on city parking lots and garages downtown,” SRPD wrote.

Because the bicycle was valued at $1,100, suspects who took the “bait bike” were booked into jail on felony grand theft charges.

According to police, the following people were arrested and booked into jail:

  • Shane Hulbert, a 29-year-old transient, was booked for felony grand theft and violation of probation.
  • Emily Christopher, a 31-year-old Ukiah woman, was booked for grand theft, possession of narcotics, and possession of a bladed throwing star called a “shuriken.”
  • Edwin Sierra-Ortega, a 47-year-old Santa Rosa man, was booked for grand theft.
  • Javier Lopez, a 37-year-old homeless man, was booked for grand theft.
  • Paul Johnson, a 45-year-old unsheltered man from Petaluma, was booked for grand theft and possession of narcotics.
  • Efrain Perez, a 32-year-old homeless man, was booked for grand theft and possession of narcotics.
  • Mayra Bogarin, a 36-year-old transient, was booked for grand theft.
  • Stephen Floyd Jr., a 37-year-old transient, was booked for grand theft.
  • Scott Reed, a 60-year-old unsheltered man, was booked for grand theft.
  • Victor Carrio, a 50-year-old homeless man, was booked into jail for grand theft and conspiracy to commit theft.
  • Samuel Manuel, a 48-year-old transient, was booked into jail for grand theft, conspiracy, and probation violation.

Police said officers will continue using the “bait bike” to catch more thieves in the act.

“Additional similar operations are being planned. SRPD would like to extend our gratitude to Bike Peddler, a bicycle company located in Santa Rosa, for their assistance in this operation. Their generous support and cooperation is what made this operation possible,” the police department wrote.

The Santa Rosa Police Department asked residents to secure bicycles with locks, preferably locks that are uncuttable, to help prevent future thefts.


Charlene is a Bay Area journalist who hails from the small community of Fresno. Drawing from her experience writing for her college paper, Charlene continues to advocate for free press and local journalism. She also volunteers in all the beach cleanups she can because she loves the water.

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