11-Year-Old Asian Girl Forced Into Bathroom By Robbers

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An 11-year-old Asian girl was forced into the bathroom after several men ransacked her family’s home in San Francisco Friday afternoon. 

A San Francisco girl was forced to hunker down in the bathroom and write the words “Help… Robbers!” on a wall as two men ransacked her family’s home in the Portola district. 

The girl’s cousins, who have lived in the San Francisco home for 28 years, told ABC News that he was on his way home from a cemetery that day when he found his car broken into. He went to their Portola home to find his family’s belongings thrown around. 

The owner, who withheld his identity, said the robbers stole thousands of dollars and cameras from the family home. The suspects also ripped the cases from pillows to use as bags. 

According to the owner’s accounts, one of the robbers grabbed his 11-year-old cousin and forced her into the bedroom. This led the young child to write a message in pencil on the wall, along with her name. The girl was found uninjured. 

The San Francisco Police Department is currently investigating the robbery. 

Danielle Joyce Ong

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