12-Year-Old Boy Swept by Massive Waves Remains Unseen

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The search for a 12-year-old boy swept into rough waves in Cowell Ranch State Beach got suspended, the U.S Coast Guard said on Tuesday with civilian search and rescue controller Travis Addison noting the boy’s body has not yet been found.

The Cal Fire San Mateo-San Cruz unit said that the boy was with his father and eight-year-old brother at the Half Moon Bay beach when a sudden burst of harsh waves washed them into the waters. Officials also said that both the father and the younger brother were “beaten up by waves and pushed back to shore.” However, the 12-year-old boy was “pulled under 100 yards offshore.”

Missing Boy

The despaired father told the U.S. Coast Guard, the San Mateo County Sherriff’s Office, and firefighters who first responded to the scene that his son was in the water.

“They got to the edge of the cliff, they looked down, and they could see there was one juvenile boy about 100 yards into the water, and he got sucked under, and they didn’t have eyes on him again.” Cecile Juliette, a Cal Fire spokesperson, said.

In the search for the missing boy, the responding units dispatched helicopters, boats, and drones. After sunset, officials used aircraft equipped with thermal imaging technology to search for the 12-year-old.

The intense storms battering the Pacific Northwest this month caused Northern California to have turbulent waves, which resulted in numerous individuals being washed out to sea by large waves.

On Sunday, a man and a woman were looking for mussels on Pescadero State Park rocks found in San Mateo County. The massive waves immediately pulled the couple into the sea. Authorities were able to rescue the man and transport him to a local hospital. However, the woman he was with remained unseen, the San Francisco Gate reported.

While watching the waves from a restricted area, a sneaker wave at Point Bonita pulled three individuals into the ocean. After hitting a rock nearby, rescuers were only able to save two of them as a 30-year-old man was presumed to be dead.

On Sunday between 6:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m., the National Weather Service has put up a high surf alert. And on Monday, an advisory for waves as high as 22 feet was advised.

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