15 more vaccinated Californians win $50, 000 each in lottery as state continues call for people get their shot

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Fifteen more people in California have won $50, 000 each on Friday for receiving a shot of coronavirus vaccine as state officials continue to hope that giving out money through lottery will urge people to get vaccinated before the state board reopens.

The fifteen winners of the lottery-style selection were from the about 22 million inoculated people in California. The winners were identified by state officials according to their county and intended to reach them in the next few days.

Last week, fifteen winners were also identified but state officials said they cannot be contacted. Gov. Gavin Newsom said the two alternate winners in the counties of Sacramento and Monterey took the place of the two.  

Apart from the $50, 000 prizes, California also vowed to provide $50 gift cards to 2 million vaccinated people.

The governor himself will witness the draw on Tuesday when the big prize is set to be given out. Ten of the vaccinated Californians will be awarded with $1.5 million each.

On the same day of the draw, Newsom said California’s stay-at-home order will be lifted. Restriction on businesses will also end and fully inoculated Californians will be permitted to interact without masks under several situations.

The 17-year-old Nancy Gutierrez was one of the winners of $50, 000 last week. She is attending school in the San Diego area.

The governor said her winning money would be saved in her savings account.

“My only advice: Don’t spend all that money. Invest it in your future and in your mind,” the governor said.

Guttierez did not believe her winning the draw at first. She used her voice to encourage people to get the COVID vaccine.

“I think most of us want life to go back to normal and getting the vaccine would definitely help that,” Guttierez said.