15-year imprisonment awaits man who led high-speed chase that left CHP officers injured

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A 15-year jail term was decided by a Salinas courtroom on Thursday against a Monterey man over several felonies for his conviction in August, KPIX 5 reported.

38-year-old Anthony Humes was involved in a high-speed chase and drove into three different police cars.

One of the officers suffered a concussion while one had minor wounds.

Last August’s trial went for a couple of days. It found Humes guilty of the following:

·        Four counts of assault with a deadly weapon on an officer,

·        Two counts of evading an officer,

·        Evading an officer against traffic,

·        Driving with a suspended license, and

·        Two counts of resisting arrest.

On February 24, officers flagged the suspect after he was spotted driving a vehicle in Carmel. He was found to show a present registration tag but had an expired registration.

Officers attempted to pull over his vehicle but he hurried off perilously.

When officers reached him and tried to have him detained, Humes resisted and escaped on foot. He then returned to his car and drove off again, according to prosecutors.

In a separate incident, Humes was observed by a CHP officer for having nearly caused a collision on March 5 on U.S. Highway 101 in Prunedale.

Humes tried to cut off a semi-truck and when a CHP officer tried to pull his car over, a chase started. Humes was reported to have beat the red lines, used wrong lands, and drove up to 90 to 100 mph to avoid arrest.

His vehicle hit the front of a CHP patrol car while he drove along Pesante Way. Prosecutors said he drove the vehicle in reverse and struck a second patrol car before he maneuvered his vehicle forward, hitting another patrol car.

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