$1,500 for virus testing? Marin Co. spends hefty sum for safe New Year’s party

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A family in Marin County is willing to host a fast-approaching New Year’s party, ABC7 reported.

The head of household, Andrew Angus, said: “We wanted to have this party and we think that we can do this safely.”

He said every guest that will be coming to their house will undergo PCT tests to ensure his family and the visitors’ safety.

The testing will be done hours before the party scheduled for Friday evening.

Angus said testing is possible, citing the availability of an at-home test processing machine that he already acquired months back.

“You put the cartridge in. It heats up. Then you get the sample from your nose, stick it into the cartridge and it syncs with my phone,” he said.

The 20-minute processing time is faster as compared to the waiting period in regular PCR testing sites.

He said he already prepared a spreadsheet for visitors to attend and get tested.

“We wouldn’t do this if we just had rapid antigen tests. But, with a PCR test, it’s going to be better at asymptomatic infection and early infection,” he said.

The health safety measure will cost his family about $1, 500.

The family is determined to pay the hefty amount to ensure the safety of their two kids who are not qualified yet for a vaccine shot.

“It’s been a stressful year, but it’s been a really big and important year for our family, and for us to all come together with our friends is important for us to do,” he said.

New Year’s parties are being recommended to be canceled. Dr. Matt Willis, Marin Public Health Officer said: “We’re seeing now that there are outbreaks occurring. Even in gatherings where everyone is vaccinated.”

Angus expressed confidence in the party’s safety as recent parties hosted by his family all turned out a success.

“I think we’re going to be living like this for a long time, so getting used to how we do things and limit the risk is important,” he said.