16-year-old Roseville Boy Missing, Roseville Police Warrants a Search

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On November 11, 16-year-old Joshua Brinkerhoff II went missing ever since he left his family home at Roseville, California. In response to the missing report, the Roosevelt Police alerted the public through news outlets and social media in hopes of finding the teenager’s whereabouts. 

Brinkerhoff’s mother came forward to the police to report her son’s absence. According to her, Brinkoff II went out of their house on Monday and hasn’t returned since then. Additionally, Brinkerhoff’s mother found a letter the next day in his bedroom, stating, “I am leaving for good, sorry for all the trouble.” She also noted that her last interaction with Brinkerhoff was at 11 p.m. Monday.

The Roseville Police also added to the mother’s testimony. According to Roseville Police Department public information officer Rob Baquera, Brinkerhoff II’s last sighting was in his bedroom in the 8800 block at Sierra College Boulevard.

“It is unknown where Brinkerhoff II plans to go off,” Baquera said. “He does not have a cell phone and money, and he has relatives living in Utah,” he added.

The police also mentioned that Brinkerhoff II left his residence with nothing but his guitar case.

Authorities released additional info about Brinkerhoff II to the people to aid them in their search for the missing boy. They described the teenager with brown hair and blue eyes, standing at approximately 6’02 feet and weighing about 140 pounds. Other than his guitar case, Roseville Police didn’t disclose the specific details of clothing he wore when he went missing. 

After several days of locating him, the Roseville Police Department uploaded an official update that they finally found Brinkerhoff II and safely returned him to his family on November 12. Joshua Brinkerhoff II is a high school student at Granite Bay High School in Roseville, California.

Reports of missing people are not surprising in the city of Roseville.  A similar incident occurred five years ago, and the missing teenager shares the same age as Brinkerhoff II. Unlike the latter, the search did not go too smoothly.

In September 2015, Montel Cooper declared missing by his family as disclosed by the Roseville Police on news media outlets. Cooper is a 16-year-old boy who went missing for almost a month. According to testimonies, family members last saw the teenager in his home at 2000 block of Flora, Roseville. His grandparents, who were his guardians at the time, mentioned to the police that Cooper is a voluntary missing minor. Based on his grandparents’ accounts, they remembered Cooper wearing a gray T-shirt, blue jean shorts, and white Nike gym shoes.

The Roseville Police Department released Cooper’s physical description to search the 16-year-old boy easier. Cooper has black hair and brown eyes and weighs about 170 pounds with a height of 5’7 feet. Both of his ears got piercings, and he takes medication to alleviate his multiple allergies. 

Possible hints of Cooper’s whereabouts are either at the 38000block of Union Lake Road in Harrison Township or 1200 block of Elijah McCoy Drive in Detroit. Detectives and search teams checked the two places but did not sight Cooper.

As of October 1, authorities didn’t receive any additional updates on Cooper’s location. However, they deem that he’s safe and unharmed no matter where he was. Deputy Police Chief Don Glandon affirmed this theory.

“Quite honestly, this isn’t the first time the young man ran away,” stated Glandon. “We’ve been looking for him,” he added.

Due to his long disappearance, Cooper’s grandmother requested the police to alert the public to help trace the missing teenager’s location.

“We figure that maybe someone has seen him in the area,” revealed Glandon, adding, “And then Cooper and his family can sort out the things they need to sort out.”

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