2-year-old French bulldog taken by robbers

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A French bulldog was taken by robbers at gunpoint on Friday.

The suspects are now wanted by the police, KRON4 reported.

According to the dog’s owner, Merlyn, a French bulldog, was taken out for a walk by a friend. They went near Valdez and 24th Streets in Oakland where two suspects came to them and held the friend at gunpoint. The men asked to surrender Merlyn.

The owner, Hannah Nelson, cannot hide her emotions when she discusses her 2-year-old pet who she claims was robbed. According to her, she was in Atlanta for a Thanksgiving visit when her friend, Marieke Bayens, called her. Bayens has been watching Merlyn.

“Immediately one of them came in front of me, pointed a gun in my face and said give me the dog and basically the other one had already gone to go grab Merlyn,” Bayens said.

She said she went out with Merlyn and was walking at around 6 in the afternoon when a couple of suspects approached them. After the incident, they escaped and traveled towards Whole Foods.

“Really couldn’t get anything out I couldn’t say anything but also with a gun in your face, what are you supposed to say?” Bayens said.

Nelson immediately took the next morning flight home after the news so she can connect with the authorities and produce fliers to find Merlyn.

Usually sold for high prices, French bulldogs are the usual target for robbers, particularly in the Bay Area.

Nelson has been dealing with her emotions as he spent some days without her dog.

“It’s hard. I can’t even understand why someone would want to do this, even coming home, him not running to the door to greet me or hearing him run around the background while I watch TV,” Nelson said. 

A reward website has been made for the missing Frenchie who weighs 26 pounds, has a large black spot on his left shoulder, and some other unique sports. Merlyn has a white belly and chest.