$20,000 Reward Money Put Up by Business Owners to Find Two Missing Boys

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California city, which has been restless since December 21 after the disappearance of two young boys, has placed a $10,000 reward on Wednesday to get support from the public in locating the West siblings.

A massive reward money

The California City community on New Year’s Eve was desperate to find any information regarding the two boys’ whereabouts. On Wednesday, local business owners informed the public that they are rewarding anyone who can locate the boys with $10,000, and by Thursday, they added another $10,000 to the reward money.

Local business owners, Amanda Adolf and Rick Jones, are among many establishments in the city. Greenstone Cannabis retail store offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could provide information regarding the location of Orson and Orrin West. Their other business, Preferred Towing, also released a $10,000 reward to keep the community’s motivation as the search for the West siblings continued.

Adolf said, “Keep people motivated. Keep it in people’s minds.” Jones said, “I think it is always terrible to have to offer money for people to do the right thing and step up. But we all know from history that is what it is and me and Amanda’s goal is to find these kids one way or another.”

In the past two weeks, the vigil outside the residence where the two boys were last sighted grew more significant as residents continued to stop by and leave gifts, candles, and prayers, TurnTo23 reported.

The California Police Department on Thursday said they had made no arrest and that there has been no update with the investigation. However, on Saturday, Adolf and Jones are planning on setting up a search party at around 1:00 p.m. to try and find some information about the two boys.

Adolf also said, “We want to keep this fresh in everyone’s minds, keep everyone talking because that is the only way they will ever be found.”

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