25-year-old influencer faces backlash after flirting with recently-turned 18 TikTok star

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A controversial influencer with  9 million Instagram followers faces backlash after her flirtatious interaction with a recently-turned 18 TikTok star. 

Nikita Dragun is a famous influencer who made her mark in the beauty world but she also has a few other controversies of her own. Recently, Dragun is trying to shut down the backlash she’s receiving after her flirtatious interaction with a TikTok star Alejandro Rosario, who just turned 18 a few weeks ago. 

A week after his 18th birthday, Rosario posted a new photo on Instagram. Dragun commented, “u 18 now right ? …asking for a friend 👀” which quickly attracted criticisms, accusing Dragun of preying on Rosario by waiting for him to turn 18. 

The online backlash

Dragun just turned 25 on the 31st of January and celebrated with a large party in LA, which was attended by maskless guests. The beauty influencer has always been on hot waters throughout the coronavirus pandemic for failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines and being seen out in public without a mask on. 

After the birthday party, she was seen photographed leaving with Rosario. She was also seen dining in with him at BOA Steakhouse, an influencer-favorite for staged paparazzi. 

With their online and in-person flirtatious interaction, the two appeared to be romantically linked but both have denied that they are dating. Dragun posted a TikTok video of the two lip-syncing to audio that says, “Why does everybody think we f—?” and then starts dancing up against Rosario. 

One TikTok comment said, “You was just waiting for him to turn 18 right,” to which Dragun responded “u don’t need to create a false narrative just to get likes on ur comment. we are just friends.”

Under a now-deleted TikTok video, Rosario also clarified this rumor by commenting, “We’re literally just friends btw before you all assume.”