3 Young Girls Dead In Hit-And-Run Incident In Southern California

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Authorities on Tuesday announced it is searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed three children walking along a Southern California desert highway. 

Willow Sanchez, 11, Daytona Bronas, 12, and Sandra Mizer, 13, were walking along Camp Rock Road around 10:30 p.m. when a white Chevrolet Silverado drifted onto the shoulder and struck them from behind, killing the three children. 

The unidentified driver also struck Natalie Cole, 14, who is currently hospitalized in critical condition. 

“Her leg was amputated in the accident, all her other limbs are shattered and her liver is bleeding, her kidneys are struggling,” Sherrie Orndorff, the victim’s mother, told San Francisco Gate


Orndorff, who was accompanying Willow’s sister, said the truck stopped after the collision. The driver and the passenger checked to see who they hit. The pair ran off, leaving the truck, without calling 911. 

“You got out of your vehicle, looked at those dead and dying girls on the ground, and you ran,” Orndorff said of the perpetrators. 

Danielle Joyce Ong

Danielle is a local journalist with a passion for exploring stories related to crime and politics. When Danielle isn't busy writing or reading, she is usually exploring the great outdoors and all the hiking trails in the Bay.