California child fakes health emergency for family to escape carjacking

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A family has survived a carjack attack when one of their young members has thought of a strategy for them to escape, according to the police.

The alleged carjacker was said to be a man running away from a shooting in Fresno County, who later died after going restless in the community.

The incident broke out at a house on Selma’s north edge on Saturday morning when 39-year-old Jorge Calleres intruded into his ex-girlfriend’s home. The Fresno County sheriff said the suspect shot the girl in the face and fled.

He took a car with a woman and four kids as a run-away vehicle. He started maneuvering toward Fresno but blocked the family from getting out.

Then, one of the children has thought of an escape plan.

“One of the children was, from what I understand, very, very smart and actually faked an asthma attack,” Fresno police chief Paco Balderrama said. “The suspect pulled over and kicked the family out of the vehicle.”

The family survived the carjacking unharmed.

The suspect, however, went on driving towards Fresno. Reports on a man throwing fits in a suburban community then reached the police at around 12:50 p.m. He was said to have been hammering on residents’ doors.

Authorities responded to the scene and identified him to be the same as the Selma shooting suspect. He was also observed by the officers to be under the influence of drugs.

To arrest him, the police used a taser but saw that Calleres had difficulty breathing. He was taken to the hospital and at around 2:00 p.m., he died, East Bay Times reported.

The case will be handled as an “in custody” death because the suspect, who was handcuffed, was in medical trouble. The police handling the incident is on leave while the suspect’s ex-girlfriend is still in critical condition due to a gunshot wound.