7 arrested, hundreds cited in San Jose sideshow

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San Jose police responded to sideshow activity late Saturday night, leading to 7 arrests on various weapons charges, 5 impounded cars, and hundreds of citations. 

According to the San Jose police, at around 11 p.m., more than 200 vehicles took over the intersection of South 10th Street and Alma Avenue near Excite Ballpark for a sideshow before the San Jose police shut it down. 

“I was blown away when I saw it as well that 200 people were there. That probably took a lot of planning to do something like that,” said Lili Trujillo Puckett, founder and executive director of Street Racings Kills. “Our main concern is that nobody dies.”

Puckett founded the nonprofit organization in Southern California after losing her daughter to street racing. Her daughter was 16 when she died in a crash because of a street racing driver.

“We know that it’s getting out of control. We know that it’s happening everywhere,” said Lori Argumedo,  community-relations director for Street Racing Kills. She lost her niece, age 23, in a street racing crash.

“They don’t get a second chance. They were innocent victims because of the decisions that somebody else made,” Argumedo said.

The Twitter thread included a photo of the scene showing vehicles and police. 7 arrests were made, 2 firearms were found, and 5 participating vehicles were impounded. Police report around 500 citations for different violations, including spectating at the sideshow. 

“We will continue to respond to this activity with available resources,” police said, noting that San Jose is the tenth largest city in the United States being policed by the smallest force for a city its size.