An elderly San Francisco woman has suffered life-threatening injuries after a shoplifter knocked her over while fleeing from the crime scene.

According to police reports, the suspect ran out of a store between Mission Street and France Avenue around 2:30 p.m. Friday. The perpetrators knocked over the 75-year-old woman, who was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. It is currently unclear whether she is in stable condition, according to SFGate

Police have since arrested the 51-year-old perpetrator, who stole a sandwich from the shop. Law enforcement have refused to release details about his identity. 

Neiman Marcus Theft

Crime has been on the rise in San Francisco. On Monday evening, a group of robbers were seen stealing luxury handbags from high-end retailer Neiman Marcus. Ten suspects were seen in the video clip, but all were wearing masks, making them unidentifiable. 

The thieves later jumped into multiple getaway cars and took off, leaving the store’s shelves empty and glass displays shattered, according to CBS Local.