83-Year-Old Asian Victim of Violent Crime in San Francisco Speaks Out

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An 83-year-old San Francisco man is speaking out after being the victim of a brutal attack about the surge of violent attacks on Asian American community residents in California, urging everyone to keep safe.

Gordon Pang made his statement as police arrested the suspect involved in two separate attacks that left two Asian seniors wounded along Market Street and 7th in San Francisco. He recalled his Valentine’s Day incident where he was forcefully knocked down to the ground in the Tenderloin area.

Asian American Victims

“I knew I was in trouble because (the perpetrator) stared at me with a look. He came across (the street) very quickly and pushed me and I fell backward,” Pang said. The victim’s hip broke in multiple places due to the fall, causing him excruciating pain.

“The street people helped me. They were so kind, I couldn’t believe it. A drug dealer gave me a cane and he said you should have it. Horrible experience and I don’t wish this to happen to anybody,” the victim said. Pang spent nearly a month in the hospital and went on to get rehab.

Many other crimes have occurred in the Bay Area in recent weeks targeting Asian Americans in the region. One 83-year-old Vietnamese resident was brutally knocked to the ground. At around the same time, a 77-year-old woman was also involved in a similar incident.

The suspect arrested for Pang’s case was identified as Allen Haskell and was known to have a long felony record. He had at least four cases of burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon, ABC7 News reported.

“Oh my God. I just wish they’d keep him in jail for a period of time. I just want to say be careful of your surroundings. It could happen to you” Pang said.

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