90-year-old Pedestrian’s Hit-and-Run Suspect’s Photo Released by SFPD

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On November 11 of this year, a 90-year-old pedestrian got hit by a motorcyclist in the Diamond Heights area in San Francisco, California. The San Francisco Police Department released video footage of the hit-and-run incident that happened on Wednesday.

Local authorities from Ingleside Station arrived at the scene at approximately 3:12 p.m., along with medical staff, to escort the lady senior citizen to the nearest hospital. According to the police report, the 90-year-old victim received life-threatening injuries from the hit-and-run incident.

Additionally, the SFPD disclosed what happened during the mishap. On Wednesday afternoon, a suspected motorcyclist hit the senior citizen with his vehicle while she tries to cross the street at the intersection of Duncan Street and Diamond Heights. According to the police officers, the rider fled the scene after he hit the 90-year-old woman. The SFPD did not disclose the victim’s details for privacy and safety reasons.

As of late, the San Francisco Police Department continues its investigation on the case. As such, law enforcement officials urge the area’s residents and business owners to check their CCTV footage from the day of the accident. Should they find the alleged suspect’s additional photos of his vehicle, locals can contact the police for added evidence and full identification of the motorcyclist’s identity.

For those who have more details to share about the collision, they can reach out to the police by either calling their hotline number at 415-575-4444 or send them a private text about a tip at TIP411. For messages, senders must indicate “SFPD” at the beginning of their notes.

The Diamond Heights collision incident is not the only hit-and-run case across California this year. Throughout 2020, the state reported multiple hit-and-run incidents involving elders as victims.

Authorities filed a collision at Fairfield city’s Cement Road near Laurel Hill Park at 11 p.m. on Tuesday of this year’s October 23. According to the report, a car hit and fled an 81-year-old lady in Fairfield, Solano County. Upon arrival at the crime scene, medical staff rushed her to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. However, the victim died there shortly after her arrival.

The Fairfield Police conducted a thorough inspection surrounding the case. According to the police officers, they identified the victim as Fairfield’s 81-year-old Namie Stewart. Additionally, Fairfield Police Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen suspected the incident as a felony hit-and-run case. Lt. Jacobsen also revealed that witnesses notified the police by calling them to inform a lady senior citizen lying down in the middle of the road. From the police’s interviews with onlookers, they stated that Stewart got hit by a car that drove away from the scene afterward.

As of the latest update, authorities do not have any details regarding the suspect’s identification and vehicle information. However, The Fairfield Police Department offers a $10,000-reward to anyone who can provide knowledge about the suspect from October 23’s collision accident. The department makes sure that the reward can encourage local citizens to help them find the accused and arrest him for the crime committed.

For anyone who saw or know about the alleged suspect’s current location, they may contact the Fairfield Police Department’s Traffic Unit through their hotline (707) 428-7524. Witnesses who might have tips on the suspect’s identification or vehicle information may request to speak with Sergeant Matt Thomas regarding the matter.

On September 27, a male pedestrian died after a hit-and-run event that happened in downtown Los Angeles, between the intersections of Fourth and Central streets at 7:45 p.m. The Los Angeles Police Department released photos of a dark-colored SUV that collided with the victim and fled the area. According to paramedics, the male pedestrian involved in the incident received several injuries.

The LAPD also released a $50,000-reward granted to anyone who can pinpoint them to the suspect’s location for potential arrest.