A Publix superfan, toddler diagnosed with leukemia gifted with own ‘Publix Car’

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Reese Hayhurst from Buford, Georgia is very fond of Publix.

The 3-year-old kid had been suffering from leukemia in December last year.

The chemotherapy treatment that caused his immune system to weaken hindered him to go out to the local Publix while his mother Amanda Hayhurst does the groceries.

“I did take him on my typical grocery runs and he would get so excited to drive the Publix shopping cart car…he would just light up over that cart,” his mom told FOX News.

Every day, Reese asks his parents to “drive the car” so his mom began making her grocery list weekly.

“[I said], ‘OK, I’ll just buy a little bit here and a little bit there – that way I can go four or five times a week because that’s how often he asked,” his mom shared. “It’s so cute because out of all the places in the world, he always asks to go to Publix.”

Hayhurst took to Facebook her son’s fondness for the grocery store’s kiddie carts, which reached Publix associate Lacey White.

This moved White to make one Publix car for the child.. It was made from a green Little Tykes car and came in a complete package with the similar decals the shopping cart cars have. On the back, a customized license plate was made for Reese.

White traveled more than eight hours from Florida to surprise Reese. She brought with her Publix’s dinosaur mascot, the toy car, a green dinosaur cake as well as the notes from other Publix associates.

“It meant so much to us,” Hayhurst said. “So much of what we walk through is hard and heavy and scary, so keeping his spirits up and him just having fun and our family having fun has been really important.” 

Reese absolutely loves the car, Hayhurst said, and rides it every day, FOX News reported.

“That has limited my Publix shopping a little bit because we do have that now,” Hayhurst said. “I can get everything at once now.”