A Simple Guide on How to Prepare for Your Job Interview

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People who are applying for jobs are usually anxious about how their interview is going to go and worry that they would not be able to meet their potential employer’s expectations.

Applicants have some options they could do to prepare themselves for an interview better and increase their chances of being hired. A few days before the scheduled date, take note of the following examples to improve your chances of landing that position.

1. List down references

A lot of companies look for references. They could question about you and your personality or attitude before deciding whether you are fit for the job. Some interviewers ask for a list before or after the interview.

The length of your reference list should be dependent on your career level and would reflect your overall experience. Additionally, the people you write down should be aware that you wrote them down as references so they could better prepare for a phone call or email from your potential company.

2. Maintain formality and a positive body language

Many interviewers look at how you conduct yourself during an interview to see how confident you are about yourself. Practice accessible body language from the moment you enter the doors or when the video turns on. Sitting straight or standing tall with your shoulders back is a great way to start the interview.

Before the start of the meeting, take a deep breath to relax. Usually, the interviewer is the first one to extend their hand for a handshake during a face-to-face interview, but if you have an online setup, a simple gesture will suffice. Additionally, remember to maintain eye contact and always keep a smile on your face.

3. Familiarize yourself with the company

Before going to the interview, make sure you research key information about the company you are hoping to get. Knowing the background of your potential employer would give you the confidence you need to tackle the meeting properly.

There are various ways for you to gain knowledge about the establishment you are applying for, including their website, social media posts, and recent press releases. Taking the time to research a company provides you with vital information that could help you answer the interviewer’s questions.

4. Be ready with questions of your own

At the end of interviews, your potential employer would usually ask if you have any questions for them. Companies do this to figure out what you think about or how you would enjoy working with them.

Some good questions you could prepare include asking for the day-to-day responsibilities of the position you are applying for, asking about career growth within the company, or inquiring about the different departments that work in tandem with each other.

5. Bring extra copies of your resume, a notebook, and a pen

When going to an interview, you should always have extra copies of your updated resume in case you will be interviewed by multiple people at the same time. You could also highlight important sections of your previous experiences or skills.

Bringing a notebook and a pen could come in handy for when the interviewer/s explains something about their company or procedures. It makes them see how focused and committed you are to getting the open position.

6. Preparing for the interview

The night before the meeting, set some time to ready yourself for the interview. Practice answers to common questions such as telling them about yourself or why you are interested in the position they advertised.

The crucial factor is learning how to express yourself properly and communicating so that the interviewer understands what you are trying to say. Similarly, readying your attire the night before would help you avoid forgetting what to wear in the morning and ruining your routine, said Indeed.

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