Abandoned vehicles trigger parking problems in east San Jose

2 mins read

Neglected vehicles are causing headaches to residents in east San Jose neighborhoods, leaving it difficult for them to find parking spaces.

To address the problem, a plan is being proposed by planning commissioner Rolando Bonilla. The said design targets to put in place a parking permit program for east San Jose, which is also being implemented by the other parts of the city.

In a statement to KRON4, Bonilla said that residents’ complaints are piling up, saying that people are going to east San Jose to leave their cars. This caused residents without or with limited parking.

“So what I am proposing is a pilot parking program for east San Jose, unfortunately, many of our neighbors in this community are overwhelmed with cars like this one and that one right over there that are just left in our neighborhoods for months without anyone actually paying any consequences,” Bonilla said.

According to the proposal, each household will receive two to four permits for free.

The insufficiency of the city’s long-term planning, according to Bonilla, caused the density and support shortage in east San Jose.

“As it is we are a large American city and parking is already a commodity that is oftentimes difficult to get, but when you have situations like this, it’s further exasperating the process,” he said, as reported by KRON4.

“The reason I want this program is quite simple: our community is not the parking garage for the rest of the city.”

As a temporary solution to the problem, residents are putting orange cones in front of their houses to prevent any vehicles from being left.