After 3 years, missing pet dog which reached Indiana returns to family in Texas

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The Skelton family was saddened when their pet dog, Daisy, disappeared three years ago. They do not have any idea of its whereabouts but remain hopeful that they will be reunited with their beloved animal one day, FOX News reported.

They were correct in what they believe as Daisy was found recently in Indiana, which is more than a thousand miles away from their Dallas, Texas home.

Owner Katrina Skelton shared the story to Fox News after she and her husband reunited with Daisy.

“I had Daisy’s missing poster as my Facebook profile picture for an entire year after she disappeared,” Katrina said.

Katrina looks through the site from time to time, checking if her microchipped dog Daisy was scanned.

Their beloved pet reached a house in Indiana last week and was taken to the vet by the homeowners. They found out that Daisy is from the Skeltons after the chip was scanned.

It is still a wonder to Katrina how her dog reached Indiana. She thinks she rode with someone going to Texas as Daisy was car-trained. Or the dog might be taken care of by a family in Texas who transferred to Indiana.

Katrina and her husband urgently drove to Indiana after they received the information.

The Skeltons immediately drove from their home in Texas to pick up Daisy, who had somehow made her way from Texas to Indiana. 
(Katrina Skelton)

They finally reunited with their pet, which was then dazed but remembers the family she belongs to.

It also remembers their other pet dog, Duke, when they reached home.

“They were jumping around and whining, they were so excited,” she said.

“Get your pets micro-chipped,” Katrina said. “We never thought it was something that we would need or use, but it is a lifesaver.”

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