After Dalgona, Proffee is the New Viral Coffee Trend

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Photo by @burnbootcampmckinney on Instagram

If you’re talking about a simple coffee recipe that went viral for its simpleness and appealing visual, it has to be Dalgona. The keyword is the top most-search recipes, according to Google’s Year in Search. The recipe involves whipping up a coffee mix to top over milk, creating a delicious and aesthetically-pleasing drink. And if you’re not over Dalgona, there’s a new viral coffee trend that is circulating social media that got everybody on a craze. 

Proffee, the latest viral coffee trend

This coffee trend started on TikTok and soon made round over to Instagram, garnering 66k posts with the hashtag #proteincoffee. 

Proffee is nothing fancy, but just a combination of a protein shake and coffee. The combination of the two makes the drink more satiating and keeps the drinker full for a longer period. The viral coffee trend is well-received and loved by fitness enthusiasts, who want to increase their protein intake without giving up their daily dose of coffee. 

Generally, protein is one of the most important macronutrients in the diet, most especially for those who have been keeping a close eye on their weight. To avoid the untimely urge to eat, experts recommend including protein in the first meal of the day. This is why Proffee, a drink that includes protein and coffee, is an excellent drink to start the day. 

How to make Proffee

The best thing about Proffee is intaking protein without having to make a complicated breakfast. All you need to do is make your regular cup of coffee with milk and then add in the protein shake.

If you are first experimenting with this drink, it would be better to add the protein powder gradually, to adjust the taste. Mix the concoction well and avoid adding extra sugar to keep the drink healthy. Then your Proffee is ready! 

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