“Aggressive” mountain lion believed to have killed another lion spotted in Bay Area neighborhood

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A mountain lion tagged as the “aggressive” one which is believed to have killed another of its kind on Wednesday morning was spotted as it walked in a residential area in Belmont, SFGATE reported.

It was seen between Carlmont High School and Waterdog Lake and Open Space, particularly on the 2500 block of Hasting Drive, the Belmont Police Department said.

The public is warned by the police to be careful when around the area.

There are no further details, however, on when and where the mountain lion killed another lion.

In terms of territory, mountain lions “maintain spatial separation between each other, thereby assuring each individual has the resources necessary to survive,” the U.S. Forest Service said, adding that “if these separations are not maintained, mountain lions will kill each other.”

Last week, another lion was spotted in Daly City’s Peninsula neighborhood. There is no confirmation on whether it is the same mountain lion seen in Belmont.

There have been “ever-increasing interactions between people and mountain lions” in recent years, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said on its website.

More than half of California is a known home of wild cats or cougars and pumas. Mountain lions opt to live in areas where deer live.

“They are solitary and elusive, and their nature is to avoid humans,” the CDFW says.

The agency recommends residents in the Bay Area and other counties where mountain lions thrive to deer-proof their yards. Putting up lighting that can sense motion is also advised, and keeping pets indoors when mountain lions are out at dawn, dusk, and in the evening.