Air District issues air quality advisory as wildfire smoke continues to drift through Bay Area

2 mins read

As wildfire smoke continues to float through the region, the Air District on Monday has released an air quality advisory.

According to Bay Area Quality Management District officials, the smoke is expected to remain upward, causing foggy skies. Air quality at the ground level, however, will remain in the good to moderate range.

The level of pollution is expected not to surpass the standards set by the federal health. Also, the Air Alert will not be in effect.

The air quality for the effect of smoke from the wildfires is closely being monitored by the air district.

Residents are told to stay indoors, shut their windows and doors, and avoid exposure when the smell of smoke prevails. These measures are to be done until the smoke lessens and if temperatures permit.

People who are in the areas affected by smoke are recommended by the air district to set their car vent systems and air conditioning units to recirculate.

The eyes and airways can be affected by the smoke and it can lead to coughing, irritated throat, and sinuses.

There is also a chance for those who are suffering from asthma, emphysema, or COPD to become wheezy because of the increased particulate matter present in the air, as reported by ABC7.

The air district said that elderly persons, children, and those who suffer from respiratory illnesses are especially prone to elevated air pollution levels. They are told to take additional defenses to avoid exposure.