Alameda County logs 5 omicron variant cases

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The Public Health Department in Alameda County confirmed five ‘mildly symptomatic’ cases of the omicron variant.

A dozen of local COVID-19 cases were connected to a Wisconsin wedding on Nov. 27, health officials said, where one of the attendees has a history of international travel.

The five omicron variant infections were confirmed by a California lab through genomic sequencing, though it has not released the full report on all 12 cases yet.

The ages of the omicron variant-infected range from 18 to 49.

One of them is from Berkeley while all the rest are from Alameda County, the health department confirmed.

Officials said that all got their COVID-19 vaccine and the majority of them were vaccinated with a booster shot.

All of the 12 are being taken care of outside the hospital setting as they only manifest mild symptoms.

The cases are now under investigation the Alameda County and the city of Berkeley’s Public Health Departments. They also reach out to those who were identified as close contacts of the cases.

Here are some of the reminders released by health authorities to prevent the infection spread, as reported by KRON4:

  • Get vaccinated and boosted, if eligible
  • Stay home if sick
  • Get tested if symptomatic or exposed
  • Wear a mask indoors
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid crowded and poorly ventilated indoor settings
  • If gathering or traveling, get tested before and after