Alameda firefighter arrested for possessing child pornography

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A firefighter with the Alameda County Fire Department was arrested on a Ramey warrant for possession of child pornography. 

The suspect was identified as Chuck Harris of Mariposa County. He was arrested by the coordinated effort of the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, the Central California and Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces, and the FBI.

According to the city, Harris is on paid administrative leave as a result of his collective bargaining agreement, a standard for employees of the Alameda County Fire Department. 

These allegations, if proven true, are deeply concerning and undermine the public’s trust in our public safety service. We will work closely with our partner agencies to ensure that justice is served. Each day, our community places its trust in our public safety staff, and we absolutely understand the anger and disappointment caused by the arrest of a first responder.

The city plans to provide as much information as is lawfully allowed to the public as the case progresses. ACFD released the following statement in response to the arrest:

At 9:00 AM on January, 8, 2023, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office placed an Alameda County Fire Department firefighter in custody at an ACFD Fire Station, ACFD is not at liberty to disclose any additional information at this time, however, our department supports our law enforcement partners and is fully cooperating with all agencies involved.

The safety and trust of our residents are of the highest priority at all levels. Alameda County Fire Department is committed to protecting our communities and takes pride in dedicating ourselves to excellence. Our members will remain steadfast in their direction to providing superior service to our community.


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