Alleged California Gang Member Accused of Murder From 2020

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Killeen police arrested an accused gang member of the Crips street gang wanted in California for a murder charge.

Last month, officials took 33-year-old Yuhri Malik Duddly into custody after a felony complaint was filed on March 9 to the Los Angeles Police Department. Officials said the suspect is responsible for a murder crime and is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.

Suspected Murderer

Authorities said Duddly fled California to escape imprisonment and went to Killeen to avoid police officers. The suspect was arrested at his apartment in the 100 block of South 28th Street on April 6.

Police have since kept Duddly in the Bell County Jail with no bond. Authorities believe he is responsible for the fatal shooting of Takiem Benjamin Baxter from Los Angeles “with malice aforethought.”

The incident occurred on June 30, 2020, the Los Angeles police said in a warrant for Duddly’s extradition. “It is further alleged that in the commission of the offense, (Duddly) personally used a semi-automatic firearm,” the warrant read, KDH News reported.

After five felony convictions in California dating back to 2006, Duddly was not allowed to possess a firearm, police said.

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