Alleged drug overdoses recently kill three men found in BART train, stations

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Drug overdoses are viewed to have caused the separate deaths of three men aboard BART trains or at the stations this week, officials revealed.

BART officials said the first man was discovered unconscious on Monday in the Daly City station at about 10 in the morning. The rescue team tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.

The man was declared dead and investigators ruled out foul play as the cause of his death.

In a separate incident, another man was found in the same unresponsive situation at around 4:53 p.m. on Monday. He was aboard a train that stopped at Fremont Station and was going to Berryessa.

In an attempt to save the man, police officers gave him a couple of NARCAN doses but failed. The said drug is administered to people who suffer narcotics overdose. Officials said the man was declared dead.

The following day, Tuesday, another man was again found unconscious at around 10:49 in the evening. He was aboard a train going towards the airport but made a stop at the Pleasant Hill Station. He was also given a couple of NARCAN doses but shortly after, he was declared dead by responding paramedics, according to officials.

The recent deaths recorded are included in the number of the pile of overdoses that Bay Area saw in the past years. The surge is especially observable when the COVID-19 virus broke out.

This year alone, over 450 people’s lives were claimed by drug overdose in San Francisco, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The city data said 712 people have died of overdoses in San Francisco last year.