Arrested person behind Gilroy Halloween party mass shooting is family, Council member confirms

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Additional information linked to the deadly mass shooting during a Halloween party at a Gilroy council member’s home was revealed by ABC7.

The news outlet has secured exclusive footage when the police officers of Gilroy and the SWAT team of Morgan Hill arrived at the suspect’s home. Benjamin David Calderon, 19, who was allegedly behind the shooting was arrested over his involvement in Saturday’s deadly incident on Las Animas Avenue.

The teenager’s neighbors defined him as a good man. They were surprised on Sunday night when authorities stormed Calderon’s home to make the arrest.

“I want to ask the community to continue to pray for the families of everyone who’s been affected. To continue offering them your support,” Rebeca Armendariz, Gilroy Council member, said, as she told ABC7 News that the suspect is a family member, specifically her second cousin.

During the shooting, Council member Armendariz confirmed she was home although she did not join the party held in her side lawn.

Armendariz furthered that a second residential home sits in the same property.

An estimate of 70 party-goers was present in the party with young ones having a drinking session outside, a Las Animas Avenue resident said.

The shooting killed one person at the scene and left three others injured, all aged between 17 to 19 years, Gilroy police confirmed.

An altercation transpired during the party, as the police have confirmed. It is yet to determine the link between the suspect and the shooting.

 A social media post points to the name “Ben” as the main contact to RSVP to the said party but it was not said whether it was the suspect, Benjamin Calderon, was the host.