Asian Teen Punched, Called Racial Slurs at Bay Area AAU Tournament

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An Asian teen from San Jose is the receiving end of punches and racial slurs during a club basketball game on Saturday. The teen sustained a concussion, his parents say. 

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) game, held at Oakland’s Soldiertown basketball facility near Jack London Square, was between the South Bay Snipers and the San Francisco Generals.

Footage of the game recorded by the parents of a Filipino teen, named Evan, shows a player from the opposing team shoving and tripping Evan over another player on the ground. 

Evan retaliates but walks away. Then another play hits Evan in the head. The hit was said to have caused a concussion.

The opposing player also called Evan and his teammates an offensive anti-Asian slur. He was allowed to play through the rest of the game but was banned the second day onwards of the tournament, KPIX reported. 

“The worst part is no one apologized,” Evan’s dad said.

Evan’s parents also stated that no one at the tournament reprimanded the player with a technical foul and let the game continue as usual. 

“How was a technical foul not called when he was obviously punching him in the face?” one witness at the game told KPIX.

Grassroots 365 (the organizer of the tournament) and the AAU did not immediately respond to a request for comment.