The San Francisco Medical Examiners Office identified the two men who died after being shot by an unknown assailant as 30-year-old Bryan Kelley and his 28-year-old brother while they were driving on U.S. Highway 101 last week.

Highway shooting

California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the Kelleys were passing through the highway’s southbound lanes on the night of December 21 near Cesar Chavez Street. However, an unidentified man in another vehicle opened fire at Kelley and his brother, who was seated in the passenger seat.

Kelley and his brother crashed their car on the highway after the shooting. Bryan received a shot to his lower body and abdomen, while his younger brother received only a gunshot on his lower body. Despite being taken to the hospital for treatment, Bryan later died from his injuries.

The crash caused the Cesar Chavez exit to be covered with debris, as showed in a video. The black sedan that Bryan owned crashed into barrels before completely slamming into the exit.

Investigators, around 2 a.m., opened the southbound lanes after backing up a massive number of vehicles due to the shooting, CBS Local reported.