Bakery finds robbery suspect through printing suspect’s face on cookies

2 mins read

A bakery in Milwaukee city, Washington has thought of a ‘sweet’ way to run after the suspects who robbed their shops recently. They lost their cash and other baking equipment last April 19 when robbers stormed into their Canfora bakery.

With the help of a CCTV camera installed outside their bakery, the owner secured a photograph of the main suspect. It became an important tool to find the culprits despite that it was unclear and showed only the side face of the suspect.

Karen and Eric Kreig, owner of the bakery, thought of printing the captured picture on their baked products that would be labelled as ‘Take a Bite Out of Crime’ cookies. They placed the photo in the middle of the cookie, surrounding its borders with piped buttercream.

They started selling the cookie last May 2 as they hoped that the locals would avail it and can recognize and point to the suspect whose picture was in a ‘look out’ poster on the baked goods.

The owners also enticed customers to avail of their new product through a Facebook post May 1. They aim for the community’s help to give them any leads and hold the suspects accountable. The social media post also told the important contact information of the Milwaukee Police Department, as well as the Crime Stoppers organizations if ever the locals can give some information to solve the crime.

The bakery’s strategy turned out a success as locals who avail of the cookies and read the social media post rang the police department, claiming they have probable leads to the male suspect printed on the ‘cookie poster’.

The suspect in the cookie was recognized after a week by the locals. He is yet to be caught by law enforcers.

The owners shared the success through a comment on their social media post. They also expressed gratitude for those who helped them recognize the culprit.