Bay Area Man Accused of 6 Separate Bank Robberies

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Federal authorities revealed that one Bay Area resident is accused of conducting six separate bank robberies around Northern California, as written in recently unsealed court documents.

The 34-year-old suspect, Willian Edward Mulligan, also known as “Rocky,” was charged with bank robbery earlier this month. If convicted, he would face a $250,000 fine and about 20 years in federal jail. A federal probation officer in Dublin gave a tup that was used to identify Mulligan as the suspect.

Multiple Bank Robberies

Mulligan’s cases are robberies and attempted robberies in Dublin, Fresno, Walnut Creek, Santa Clara, Pleasant Hill, and Concord, which all took place last month. According to court documents, the three cases in Contra Costa happened on January 25.

Authorities said the suspect conducted the robberies with one pattern: he would give the bank teller a note demanding cash in $100 and $50-bills. He would then leave with either the money or nothing at all, depending on what happened afterward. The complaint said Mulligan was able to take away $8,650 in Dublin. Mulligan said he was not in possession of any firearms during all of the robberies.

In one of Mulligan’s robberies on January 25, the teller refused to give him the money after being given the note. “No. Sorry. I’m not doing that,” she said. The response surprised Mulligan, who then walked away with nothing.

During his Walnut Creek crime, the teller immediately left his position after being handed the letter, forcing Mulligan to leave. In Concord, the teller gave the suspect $500, prompting him to ask, “That’s all”?

Authorities arrested Mulligan on January 28 when he was stopped in traffic in Novato. Police allegedly discovered a .22 revolver hidden inside the vehicle’s trunk, the complaint said, Mercury News reported.

Last week, Mulligan attended his first court appearance, where he rolled his eyes and smiled as prosecutors called him a threat to public safety. They also asked for his imprisonment while his charges were pending. Prosecutors argued the suspect had a history of weapon convictions, making him a threat, despite the two cases being 12 and 15 years old.

Court records indicate that before the latest incident, Mulligan’s most recent issue with the law involved using a plastic penis and a bag of synthetic urine — a product known as a “Whizzinator” — to hide his use of methamphetamine. In 2019, Mulligan was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for the case.

Mulligan is due to stand before a federal judge on Thursday when they would decide whether to let him out or detain him in Dublin’s Santa Rita Prison.

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