Bay Area Rain – When will it happen? Not any time soon

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The Bay Area will most likely have moist pacific air very soon. However, people shouldn’t expect to have rain any time soon.

That is the message from the National Weather Service meteorologist tracking the possibility of having a rain or winter precipitation in the middle of wind gusts causing more than two dozen small wildfires in Northern California and precautionary power cut-offs.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. reports say that the complete power shutdowns for 36 counties in California are now fully restored, and authorities reported that a more significant number of wildfires are prevented. The crews and other members have successfully identified 76 places of non-working power lines that are damaged by winds and falling trees.

Despite the extreme drought and records of dry vegetation, the damaged lines were able to fail to ignite any significant wildfires. NWS analysis released on Tuesday that Northern California has been suffering from severe to extreme drought conditions throughout the summer and this month of October.

The Bay Area will get back to typical onshore ocean winds on Friday after weeks of strong offshore winds that blew in desert air from

Great Basin. The excellent condition of weather that takes place within the area is expected to blanket the coast in a moist marine layer and boot humidity levels in different lands.

Pacific coast has a slim chance of raining over the next week as the wind pattern is expected to pull north westerly storm clouds. How slight is that chance?

David King, a meteorologist, answers that question as, “Less than two percent!”

David added, “One of the biggest factors of having a small chance of rain in the area because of the aftereffect of this week’s powerful offshore gusts. The strongest windblasts may have moved away, but the dry conditions it created have not. A mass of dry air sitting atop the Bay Area that may prevent any northwesterly rain clouds from moving in.”

NWS meteorological systems have clearly shown conditions in the Bay Area to remain dry well into November. Even if the rains do arrive, it won’t help that much to bring relief. This year has a cooler temperature on the ocean’s surface, bringing less precipitation. Reports say that people will deal with the La Niña season for this year.

According to Brad Pugh, a meteorologist with the federal Climate Prediction Center in Washington D.C. says that “La Niña weather will strongly hit Southern California. So, that means that Northern California may not experience dry conditions.”

Pugh added that “It is still early in the wet season. Noting the Bay Area sees just 1.29 inches of rain in November on average.”

The Climate Prediction Center reports that the rain condition within the next two weeks has a slim chance typically. It takes forty to fifty percent of the probability that the Bay Area rain will come. People must expect about 0.3 inches of rain, Pugh said.

Thomas Lake

Resident tech nerd for the SF Times.