“Be prepared”: Stores may consider closing early, take precautions after Walnut Creek Nordstrom looting incident

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The Nordstrom store in downtown Walnut Creek has been attacked by several looters on Saturday night, stealing a bunch of items which caused fear on shoppers and employees alike.

Three people connected to the incident are now under custody, according to Walnut Creek Lt. Ryan Hibbs who spoke to KPIX.

“Walnut Creek police investigators are in the process of reviewing surveillance footage to attempt to identify other suspects responsible for this brazen act,” part of the news release on Sunday morning said.

The incident reached the police at around 9 in the evening through phone calls from Nordstrom employees. Reportedly, there were 80 people who entered and started stealing items.

“On Saturday evening, a large, coordinated group of individuals entered our Walnut Creek store and began looting,” according to Nordstrom officials. “Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured; five employees who sustained minor injuries have been treated and released. The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority, and we’re doing everything we can to support them through this situation. We are working with the Walnut Creek Police Department in their active investigation.”

Among the individuals placed under police custody were 30 and 32-year-old people from San Francisco, and another 18-year-old from Oakland. Authorities were also able to recover a firearm from them, as well the stolen items from their vehicle.

In an advisory released Sunday afternoon, the police department said it is “actively monitoring intelligence that indicates the group of thieves who stole from the Broadway Plaza Nordstrom last night are considering similar activity later today.”

“This has not been confirmed but, out of an abundance of caution, we’re alerting businesses and residents to be prepared,” it added.

In the wake of the incident, police said the department is asking more officers and called on business establishments that they may consider cutting operation hours or boost security measures.