Beating burnout: Amazon assures health and safety of employees through its new wellness program

2 mins read

With the aim to keep its employees from injuries, Amazon unveiled its WorkingWell program this week, which will also give wellness services and provide healthcare to its workers.

The program forms part of the company’s more than $300 million safety project investments. This “comprehensive” procedure will give Amazon workers activities for their physical and mental well-being, exercises, as well as healthy eating support. The program is a mixture of education and exercises, services on health and wellness, and also technology to coach workers.

Amazon employees are urged to assemble Health and Safety Huddles without compromising physical distancing, and learn from educational video materials that discuss health topics and nutrition.

A Wellness Zone is also prepared by the company which will accommodate anyone who wants to pause and stretch some parts of their bodies. And when someone seeks to exercise mindfulness, an interactive AmaZen kiosk is also available.

Amazon’s individual spaces for directed meditations, positive support and scenes and sounds that can produce calm are also made ready for anyone who feels burnt out.

“Amazon takes our safety very seriously, and my managers have made it clear to me it’s more important than anything, even productivity and quality,” said Amazon’s operations employee in Aurora, Jeffrey Ku. “WorkingWell is an extension of that—it makes sure we’re taking care of our minds and bodies. It encourages us to make positive changes to how we work, and since I started watching the program’s health and safety videos, I’ve incorporated a stretching routine into my day.”

The company also extends resident medical officers, athletic leaders, healthy food, and the vow of low-cost healthcare accessible within 10 miles from their employees’ home or work areas, among other benefits.