Berkeley resident thanks firefighters through a security cam, offers cabin for them to rest

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Anxious that the Caldor Fire will devour her cherished cabin, a Berkeley resident keeps updated on the situation around her area through a security camera.

Maureen Nandini Mitra was left with no choice but to evacuate and leave behind the cabin her family has for the last two decades, as the fire threatens the Eldorado National Forest near Lake Tahoe. The security camera became her sole equipment to check on her home.

“I’ve been dreading that something like this would happen, and now it has,” Nandini Mitra told ABC News.

She screamed when the technology notified her that activity was sensed in front of the property. She continued making the loud noise as she noticed that it was a team of Los Angeles County fire crew that checked her home.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god! I hope one of them comes by and we can try and talk to him.’ And sure enough one of them walked over,” she told ABC. “We thanked him a lot and said, ‘If you all need a place to rest, this is where the keys are hidden.'”

The resident has been popular on social media as she updates the status of her home near Fremont Court.

On Saturday night, she said that: “Our firefighters haven’t been there all day,” adding that she considers it as a “good sign”.

Nandini Mitra, also in a talk to ABC, said she wanted to personally express her gratitude to the firefighters, SFGATE reported.

According to the Cal Fire, the Caldor Fire has so far covered 215, 400 acres as of Sunday morning. Its containment is at 43 percent while it destroyed 920 structures and left 73 more damaged.

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