Best Ways to Stay Positive During the Job Hunt

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Despite the fact that we’re amid a pandemic that has caused enormous health, economic, and job crisis, most people keep on putting much pressure on themselves. You might be in between jobs during the most awful work market since the Great Depression, yet, wrongly feel that you should in any case land interviews and position offers. At the point when this doesn’t occur, discouragement and frustration sets in. 

It’s difficult to remain upbeat and positive when nothing appears to work outright, you feel that throughout every single day, you’re thumbing your head against the wall. Many lists of resumes are being emailed in light of occupation postings. Hours are spent completing such irritating, glitchy applications. You continue calling friends or companions, former co-workers, and others in your organization, with expectations of getting a strong occupation lead. To exacerbate the situation, criticism is absent and you’re often ghosted by companies. 

This time is very much different in relation to the past. You can’t—and shouldn’t—benchmark yourself against what you’ve done and accomplished during pre-Covid-19 as those days are a distant memory. This is another and distinctive world, to remain rational, you ought to straighten out your expectations and change how you take a gander at things. 

Here are a few lists of what you have to do to keep positive, motivated, and upbeat to not to wind into an awful mental and emotional state. 

Get Organized 

Set aside an effort to get organized. Having all you require for the pursuit of employment prepared – your resume and LinkedIn profile updated already, several references you can utilize, an outfit prepared to wear for your interview, and an arrangement for getting sorted out your job search set up – will make the process a lot smoother. 

On the off chance that you haven’t begun job hunting yet, spend some of your time getting set before you start. In case you’re in a quest for new employment, yet not having a lot of luck, put aside an ideal time to ensure your resume is already updated and enticing to every prospective employer, your LinkedIn profile is already polished and professional, you’re connected with the right individuals, and you have references prepared to underwrite your credentials. 

Make a Daily Job Search Routine 

On the off chance that it is possible, treat your pursuit of employment like a 9 – 5 job. For the time being, consider your pursuit of employment as your full-time work. Get up right on time, take a lunch break, and end your job search activities before supper. 

Making a regular daily schedule and keeping your job search always organized will keep you engaged and motivated. Additionally, setting a beginning and end time for your pursuit of employment constrains you to quit your job searches in the nights, and spend some of your time in other significant parts of your life, like your loved ones. 

Discover Time to Not Think About Your Job Search 

It’s anything but difficult to have your job search always in the rear of your brain. Nonetheless, too much stress over your pursuit of employment just builds up your pressure and keeps you from getting a charge out of different parts of your life. Put aside time every day to disregard or forget your job search for a while and accomplish something you appreciate, love, and enjoy such as going for a walk (keep in mind to practice your local Covid restrictions) or watching a film. 

Focus on Your Positives 

At the point when you’re into job searching, it is helpful to make a rundown of your best characteristics, qualities, aptitudes, and achievements. This rundown will help you while making your cover letters and while rehearsing for your day of the interview. One thing that would help you to boost your confidence during your job search is to remember the days that you have become such a successful job candidate.

Set Reasonable, Concrete Goals

Toward the beginning of each week, make a rundown of particular, manageable objectives that you might want to accomplish. Maybe you’d prefer to write five cover letters that week or go to three occupation fairs. By putting much focus on little, achievable objectives, you will feel more accomplished and inspired all throughout your job search. 

Spend Some Time Networking In-Person

Despite the fact that you can successfully network online, nothing beats face to face networking. It can be having a cup of espresso with a former colleague, customer, or companion may land you job leads that you wouldn’t have in any case thought about. On a similar note, don’t be shy about approaching your loved ones for new job search assistance. The more individuals who know you’re looking for work, the better your odds of getting employed quickly.


Helping other people is such a good way to assist you with feeling more reason driven. Plus, volunteer associations also provide networking opportunities. The time you spend volunteering can support your resume and consider an aspect of your responsibilities looking like a “work plan.” 

Join (or Start) a Job Search Club 

Joining an organization of other job seekers will furnish you with much-required help. An occupation club can assist you with keeping steady over your own pursuit of employment and may even give you job search tips and employment leads. 

Celebrate Small Victories

It is anything but difficult to focus on the negative during a pursuit of employment, for example, the interview where you didn’t land a job or the occupation you didn’t get. All things considered, put your focus around even the tiniest of victories. 

Be proud of yourself for getting such a phone interview, regardless of whether you don’t get requested for an in-person interview afterward. Praise yourself when you make another LinkedIn connection or somebody remarks on your blog entry. Celebrating these little victories will assist you with putting much more focus on the positives.

Move On Quickly

In the event that you go after a interview for a position, it is anything but difficult to get focused on hanging tight for an answer from the employer. Truly, you should monitor the positions to which you apply, and you can contact the employer in the event that you don’t hear any response in up to 14 days. In any case, in the off chance that you don’t get any response, or in the event that you don’t land the position, just simply move on. 

Consider Everything to be an Opportunity 

It’s difficult to get burnt out on writing cover letters, going to interviews, as well as networking. Regardless, attempting to consider each of your activities as an open door will just make you a better candidate for the next job you apply for. 

On the off chance that you are interviewing for a job that you don’t think you want (or don’t figure you will get), just try to think and consider the interview as an opportunity to network and to deal with your interview skills. Think about each of your cover letters as the opportunity to sharpen your writing and editing skills. 

Focus on what you can control 

You can’t control whether or when an interviewer will get back to you, or whether those networking contacts you messaged will furnish you with any leads. On the off chance that you feel yourself stressing over something that is out of your control, accomplish something that you can control, for example, composing and sending a cover letter, or going to a networking event. 

Abigail Kouma

Abigail is a caffeine-fueled bookworm and journalist from Marin County. She's passionate about art and constantly searching for new ways to express creativity and stay on beat with the cultural scene in SF.

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