Biden pitches infrastructure plan to Americans in Wisconsin

2 mins read

US President Joe Biden pushed forward his massive infrastructure plan on Tuesday as he positioned in a Wisconsin warehouse, stressing that better connectivity — from bridges to broadband — is essential for America. 

The president said that “only the government has the capacity to make” the efforts as he compared his measures to the Interstate highway system created more than 50 years ago.

“This is a generational investment to modernize,” the president exclaimed, to “position America to compete with the rest of the world in the 21st century.”

The president made the statement from La Crosse town in Wisconsin, specifically at a municipal repair and storage warehouse. In his last year competition for presidency against Donald Trump, Wisconsin was the state Biden has broadly made to turn.

The president stood on stage to make his statement. Around him are heavy equipment which include road signs and heavy vehicles. Nearby, a room of huge machines for road construction is stored, as the smell of motor oil spreads through the location.

Biden made a conversation with a hybrid bus driver, whom he asked whether the decaying bridges and roads pose local troubles. He also pointed out that the hybrid bus should serve as a model for hybrid and electric bus collection in the US.

“That’s our major hurdle right now,” the bus operator responded. “We lag on that.”

Known as a car-lover who passionately shares his clan’s working class origin, Biden said that he is lifting his hopes up that the infrastructure plan can offer more for the economy’s recovery.

His speech in Wisconsin marked his first time to tout the infrastructure proposal to the American people.

The proposal includes a $1.2 trillion fund that will upgrade roads, bridges, as well as public transportation.

“You all know that feeling losing time, sitting in traffic or being rerouted because the bridge isn’t wide enough or the road is poorly maintained. This deal is going to put Americans back to fixing all of that, and good paying jobs,” he assured.