Biden promises to spend billions in aid for global Covid vaccination effort, COVAX

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White House officials have stated that President Joe Biden will spend $4 billion on the international Covid vaccine initiative, COVAX. They further added that President Biden will encourage other nations to offer more money to the effort to aid the fight against the pandemic.

According to them, “This pandemic is not going to end unless we end it globally,” and that Americans are their “highest priority.” “But pandemics travel,” the official adds, “the more disease that’s out there, the more likely we are to see additional mutations and variants.”

Gavi, a co-leader of COVAX is expected to receive $2 billion of the expected $4 billion that the Biden administration will donate. This is done to allow Covid vaccine access for 92 low and middle-income economies that is under COVAX’s Advance Market Commitment. 

“We basically want to turn this into a way to translate $2 billion into several billion dollars,” an official state, adding “what is likely to be needed to be able to actually boost the supply of the vaccine around the world.”

Supporting the global vaccination efforts supposedly saves a lot of lives while also being the right thing to do from a national security and economic perspective, benefitting America, an official states.