Biden to dismiss Trump’s lift for travel ban

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As Trump nears the end of this term, one of his final orders were to lift travel bands from Europe and Brazil. However, Biden stands to dismiss the White House decree. His spokeswoman said that now is not the time to be easing travel measures. 

Joe Biden will take office at midday on Wednesday, but the spotlight is much on Trump’s last moves, including presidential pardons. 

Intense security is set-up in Washington DC as the inauguration ceremony is closing on. National Guard reserve soldiers are deployed after the rage of Pro-Trump supporters wreak havoc on US Capitol on January 6. The protest left 5 people dead. 

What was the decree about?

The imposed travel restriction on Europe and Brazil was executed since May but the White House decreed on Monday that the ban will lift on January 26, just 6 days after Biden assumes office. 

After the sudden news, Biden’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaka, took to Twitter. “On the advice of our medical team, the administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on 1/26. In fact, we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of Covid-19.”

Trump on his last day: What else will he do?

With his social media accounts suspended, the president has lost his microphone and has been uncharacteristically quiet. There are few details of what he might do on Tuesday. 

A statement from the White House simply read: President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.”

There is no invitation to Joe Biden for the traditional pre-inauguration meeting at the White House as President Donald Trump still contests the election, claiming election fraud, although he has pledged full transition of power. 

Joe Biden taking office is supposed to be the spotlight of the show but everyone has their eyes on what will be President Trump’s last moves will be, especially presidential pardons. US media is keeping close tabs, suggesting that a list of 100 is being considered. 

The Inauguration Ceremony

The inauguration ceremony will push through without the usual tens of thousands of spectators. Also missing will be Donald Trump as he opts out of attending – something that has not happened for more than 150 years. 

In fear of a possible insider attack, the FBI has to conduct background checks on all National Guardsmen. 

The ceremony will include a poetry reading, the Pledge of Allegiance and a benediction. Lady Gaga will sing the National Anthem, followed by a music performance of Jennifer Lopez. 

Donald Trump is reportedly using up his presidential travel privileges by heading to Florida early Wednesday, taking Marine One to Joint Base Andrews and then boarding Air Force One. 

Bloomberg reports Trump was planning a military send-off for himself at Andrews.