Blake Treinen, ex-A’s and now Dodgers pitcher, allegedly uses socmed for COVID-19, election conspiracies

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Away from the field, Blake Treinen of the Los Angeles Dodgers is focusing on conspiracies.

Set to have another outstanding season this year, the All-Star with the Oakland A’s in 2018 have been using his Instagram for right-leaning subjects, social media observers said. A couple of links were also seen in his somewhat updated Instagram bio: one which leads to a seemingly looming Project Veritas “bombshell” and another is Mike Lindell’s website, or also called the MyPillow guy.

Lindell seemed to be the most famous whiner in last year’s presidential polls. Allegedly, he became the provider of baseless conspiracies regarding the election results.

Meanwhile, the “Covid Vaccine Exposed” website present in Treinen’s bio is believed to be run by Project Veritas under James O’Keefe. The disgraced “documentary” body was known to give out massive push, misleading edited clips that focus on politicians on the other side of the fence. In their history, O’Keefe and Project Veritas said they will release “POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST WHISTLEBLOWER SERIES”. Treninen’s shared website link collects interested internet users to register in order to be included in the Project Veritas’s email distribution. The said promise is set to go out by Monday evening.

In addition, the Dodgers pitcher has re-posted a contentious Redding missionary, Sean Feucht, who has been vocal against anti-virus measures and vaccines.

A popular worship musician, Feucht has defied appeals of local officials and organizers’ appeals and pushed through huge gatherings since the pandemic. Among which is an event called “Let Us Worship” in Portland when he took to Facebook his gratitude for the security team, saying: “If you mess with them or our 1st amendment right to worship God, you’ll meet Jesus one way or another.” While not completely identified, Feucht’s security team consists of individuals with former police or military background and are now serving as Christian nationalists and neo-fascists, SFGATE reported.

Treinen’s home ballpark, the Dodger Stadium, has once served as a COVID-19 vaccination location. Treinen has been vaccinated, according to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, adding that the team’s vaccination rate was previously around 85 percent.

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