Blondie’s, a pizza cult favorite, is back with one more location in San Francisco

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Pizza cult favorite Blondie’s, which has been running for more than 40 years, returns to Berkeley and adds another San Francisco location, SFGATE reported.

The pizza place did not vacate its Telegraph location where it served UC Berkeley students with huge greasy pepperoni pizza slices.

Opened in 1980, the business was originally owned by Ken Sarachan. It was bought by longtime worker Abdul Zaloukh from Sarachan in 2016.

Pies were started being hanged behind the counter by the new owner in 1983.

The name was changed to Abe’s Pizza but its menu, recipes, and ingredients remain the same.

“We thought it might be a cool thing to do after so many years,” he said. “We learned that wasn’t the right thing to do. In Berkeley, we’re going back to original name in a couple weeks. Same pizza, same name.”

In his dedication to revert back the brand, another location of Blondie’s was unveiled by Zalouck in Westfield mall basement food count on Market Street this year.

For $7.95, one can have a pepperoni slice and a soda.

“Our pepperoni slice is the best in the world,” Zaloukh said. “You can’t find anything like this anywhere.”

The thick and pillow-like pizza crust is perfect for hungry customers.

“It is our secret — freshness,” Zaloukh said. “We make the dough half-hour before you buy the pizza. Most pizza places get their dough frozen.” 

The Westfield menu features more pasta dishes like a fettuccine Alfredo with herbs and fresh sauce. It will also serve Panini sandwiches soon.

The Abe’s Pizza in Powell Street, San Francisco is also owned by Zaloukh. He said he wants to retain the name Abe’s for now.

In 2016, the Department of Public Health closed the place for a “severe cockroach infestation” and made the news.

“I wasn’t the owner back then,” he said. “The owner shut it down and walked away.”

At that time, Zalouch entered and purchased the place.

He said several customers stop by the San Francisco location as they were familiar with it from Berkeley.

“One of the customers said her dad went to UC Berkeley, and she said it was her dad’s favorite pizza,” he said. “She was teasing her dad and sending him photos and saying, ‘I’m eating Blondie’s and not you.’”