Bob Lee’s accused killer has past run-in with the law: police reports

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Nima Momeni, the accused killer of tech mogul Bob Lee, had a previous run-in with the law, according to a police report. 

Momeni, 38, was accused by a woman of assault last August 2022. 

The woman called the Emeryville Police Department and reported that Momeni attacked her inside his apartment at 4053 Harlan Street. 

“She believes that he may be bipolar because one minute he will be fine and the next he will go off for no reason,” a police officer wrote in the report.

When EPD arrived at the apartment, the woman said she had been living there with his permission. 

The report says that “She met the suspect Nima Momeni about a week ago and he allowed her to stay on his couch at his apartment in exchange for house keeping duties. She denied that she had any dating relationship with Momeni.”

According to the woman, she was downstairs in the kitchen when Momeni entered the room and angrily yelled at her. She told the police, “Momeni began telling her to get her stuff and leave. Momeni forcefully grabbed her right upper arm and her right side waist area. He then pushed her against a counter.”

The woman didn’t want to press charges; she just wanted to get her things from the apartment and leave. 

When questioned by police, Momeni denied hurting the woman, according to the EPD report.

The woman later became upset and began ranting at officers “that we were violent men and all the same,” the EPD report states. She said she changed her mind and wanted to press charges.

Police also questioned another roommate in the apartment. According to the roommate, Momeni allowed the woman to sleep on his couch, but she had to help keep the apartment clean and look for employment. 

The roommate said that woman had not been doing her part of the deal, so Momeni told her to leave, which started the argument. 

The roommate didn’t see any physical altercation. 

Police cited Momeni and the case was handed over to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office confirmed that no charges were filed for the Emeryville incident.

Nima Momeni’s LinkedIn page

Lee, 43, was stabbed in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill neighborhood at 2:30 a.m. on April 4. 

According to San Francisco prosecutors, Momeni drove Lee to a secluded area under the Bay Bridge, stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife, and left Lee to die. 

The incident occurred just hours after a witness saw Momeni confront Lee about his relationship with Momeni’s younger sister. 

Court document state that Momeni “was questioning (Lee) regarding whether his sister was doing drugs or anything inappropriate.” 

Momeni was arrested in Emeryville for murder and booked into a San Francisco jail with no bail. He has not entered a plea.


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