Burglars broke into SF ramen shop, hosted wild party inside

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Earlier this month, a ramen shop that moved to open its latest location in San Francisco was attacked by burglars who allegedly even held a wild party after they broke into the business establishment.

Ramen Hiroshi owners noticed garbage bags containing beer cans, liquor bottles and cigarette butts. The establishment, located at 322 Kearny St. plans to open by Dec. 10, KTVU first reported.

“They brought their own drinks and also finished the wine we had,” Ramen Hiroshi owner Hiroshi Tun told SFGATE. “They broke in and they removed the security cameras. They even made a sign to go to the bathroom and drew a picture of a man and a woman [on the doors].”

Days before the breaking-in incident, Tun said that he was occupied with dropping off supplies and with other tasks and on in other Bay Area locations.

The San Francisco location was set to be managed by his business partner, Daniel Bomya, who has noticed the mess in the store, with filled garbage bags, vomit on the floor and even a used condom in the elevator. The party seemed to have been concealed through brown paper seen in the restaurant, which appeared to have been taped onto the windows. The break-in seemed to be an organized scenario, Bomya told KTVU.

The suspects went off quickly, taking with them a pressure washing machine, among other furniture and equipment. While the other supplies and equipment are re-ordered, Tun said that several of them are presently out of stock. With what happened, Tun said that the store will not open until sometime in 2022.

“They have no respect,” Tun said. “I’m very upset and frustrated and scared that people can do this so easily.”

In a talk with SFGATE, the San Francisco Police Department said that police officers responded to the location at around 10 in the morning last Nov. 16. The incident happened between Nov. 11 and Nov. 16. No signs of forced entry were detected. Currently, the police department seeks further eyewitnesses and security videos to go on with the probe.