California Governor Proposes $600 Stimulus Checks For State Residents

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California State Governor Gavin Newsom urged the country’s leaders to provide Americans with new $600 stimulus checks, prioritizing low-income citizens amid the devastating economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

California’s $600 Stimulus Checks

If approved, the additional $600 financial support would combine with the previous federal stimulus payments that Congress authorized last month. The state governor’s office said the funds would provide assistance to nearly four million California residents. Newsom said his proposal of payments would include undocumented immigrants, unlike the federal funds.

Newsom’s stimulus check proposal is part of his broader economic relief plan, which also aims to extend California’s eviction moratorium, which is scheduled to expire on January 31. The proposal, if approved, would protect threatened renters from being evicted out of their homes if they have paid at least a quarter of their unpaid rent.

The California governor’s plan would use the state’s $2.6 billion federal stimulus money to support low-income individuals and small business owners struggling to make a living amid the health crisis, CNN reported.

Officials are currently distributing the federal stimulus payments to bank accounts across the country. Many Democrats that a $600 stimulus check was not enough to keep businesses from shutting down or help people buy necessities.

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