California Man Flees Pursuers in Vehicle, Crashes With Underside of Freeway

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California Highway Patrol in Oakland was involved in a brief vehicle pursuit to chase after a speeding suspect driving a Maserati refused to stop upon request of an officer who tried to pull him over.

The CHP identified the suspect as a 32-year-old male. They said he was driving on 580 westbound before accelerating to over 100 mph in an attempt to flee from officers. Authorities said the man exited the freeway at West Street before driving up on an embankment. He then collided with the underside of the freeway.

Freeway Crash

“It was a short-lived pursuit. He didn’t make it far before he exited and as soon as he exited, instead of going straight, he veered left, went off the ramp, and then went up the embankment, and collided with the underside of the freeway,” Oakland CHP spokesperson officer David Arias said.

Multiple images of the crash scene have been shared publicly. The pictures show the vehicle crushed under the freeway. “Taking the term ‘flying home’ a bit too far,” the CHP said in an Instagram post with the images.

Authorities rescued the driver and immediately transported him to a local hospital. They said he was complaining about pain. Officials will be charging the suspect with reckless driving as they continue an investigation of the case, the San Francisco Gate reported.

“It’s unbelievable that he didn’t die. It’s crazy that he lived,” said Arias. Officials said there was no one else besides the suspect inside the vehicle when it crashed. Arias said the car belonged to the suspect’s girlfriend.

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