California Republican Party Donates $125,000 Supporting Recall Campaign Against Gavin Newsom

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The California Republican Party expressed their support to the campaign that aims to recall California State Governor Gavin Newsom by donating $125,000 in funding.

Organizers of the campaign have been continuing efforts to collect 1.5 million valid petition signatures by mid-March if they wanted the proposal to qualify for the ballot. The additional funding came at the right time to further support the group’s agenda.

Recall Campaign

The Republican Party’s financial assistance will mostly go into hiring more workers that will be out gathering signatures in support of the campaign. Before the donation, volunteers were responsible for the majority of the signature collection.

The donation was given to one of several political committees working to remove Newsom from office, Rescue California. The state governor’s advisers called the efforts foolish and misguided coming from former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The Republican Party signed the check a few days after the Republican National Committee provided a sum of $250,000 aimed at recalling the drive. While the campaign has so far amassed the required 1.5 million signatures, the organizers are unsure how many of which will be counted due to technical or other errors.

“We expect to collect another 400,000 signatures. We added a substantial line item to our budget,” Campaign Manager Anne Dunsmore of Rescue California said, citing the help the $125,000 donation provided.

“The facade is gone. It’s never been more clear —  they’re admitting that the Republican recall scheme is simple partisan politics. Republicans have lost every single state election for 15 years, so they’re trying to increasingly desperate, distracting, and destructive things,” Newsom’s Chief Strategist Dan Newman said.

California residents have started losing trust in Newsom as his popularity has dropped in polls after the numerous lockdown restrictions and safety health guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic, NBC Los Angeles reported.

The Republican support against Newsom has begun to increase as it is not yet guaranteed that the recall will qualify for the ballot. There are several candidates who could replace Newsom if the motion passes, including San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and John Cox.

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