California Senators Call For New Stay-at-Home Order to Allow In-Person Dining

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Several California state senators are calling on California Governor Gavin Newsom to change the new stay-at-home order to allow restaurants to provide in-person dining.

The officials’ request comes amid multiple lawsuits against Newsom’s new rule that forced the majority of restaurants across the state to shut down. A few state lawmakers have opted to intervene as more and more restaurants are banned from providing in-person dining.

State Senator Patricia Bates said, “So vital to our communities, to our families, to our economy. So why not give them a path that they can meet on safety protocols? So they are in conversation with the governor apparently.”

Previously, Bates sent a letter to Newsom’s office that detailed her request to reclassify restaurants as critical infrastructure, allowing them to operate and serve residents. Democratic Senator Melissa Hurtado was among a group of 11 senators that supported Bates’ efforts.

Hurtado said that they wanted to analyze the data and information available regarding the spread of the coronavirus concerning restaurants and in-person dining. She said that until the documents are shown, they would continue supporting the resumption of restaurant services.

One judge decided on San Diego earlier this week that supported county leaders in the region to be less strict with restaurants. Bates said, “I believe this is just the beginning of something that will perhaps sweep through the courts. I know it’s on appeal.”

Hurtado said officials had to figure out how to support both sides of the economy. She said, “We need to stop making it political one side or the other,” KRON4 reported.

However, several state health leaders have urged officials and residents to follow the new stay-at-home order due to the increasing number of new coronavirus cases in the region. As of Thursday, California recorded a critical low of 3% of intensive care unit beds capacity.

State leaders have noted that they are assessing and reviewing the senator’s request to allow restaurants to operate in-person dining services.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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